Vision is Everything

Aztrana is a Swiss artificial intelligence company that transforms the way you interact with your world and the way the world interacts with you. Here's why...

This world is one-size-fits-all. It wasn't designed for you. But what if it was? How does it feel when you approach a door and it automatically opens? You visit your favorite restaurant and they know exactly what you want? Or you enter your house and the lights intuitively turn on? Our vision is to enable the rest of the world to serve you in that personal way by harnessing the latest advances in technology and creating services that can connect with you on a deeply personal level.

Since the dawn of A.I., people have feared and continue to fear the rise of machines. Ray Kurzweil popularized the moment he called the ‘singularity,’ when A.I. overtakes humanity. What we believe is that A.I. is the greatest human invention of all time. It will compliment our minds by empowering the next human cognitive evolution and enhancing our understanding of the world. But only if we keep it transparent, secure, and within your hands at all times.

Our key to changing the world is to make it smarter by teaching it how to understand and serve you and giving you the power to shape it. Our goal is to personalize the A.I. industry just as Apple personalized the computer industry. So for the first time, you can live in a world designed just for you and we can stop searching and let what we need find us.

They say, “The world doesn’t revolve around you.” We say, “Not yet!”

Global View

Our vision was born in Armenia and our company was founded in Switzerland to protect it. Aztrana is based in Zug, the most affluent canton powered by the strongest privacy and security regulations in the world. We believe that wherever we set foot is home. So we're proud to work with talent from around the globe and expand our multicultural family.

Yerevan  Armenia


Zug Switzerland


Chiang Mai Thailand


Branded for Life

NAME - 'Aztrana' means ‘live beyond the status quo’. It derives from the Greek ‘Ázōn’ (unrestricted) and Latin ‘Transcendere’ (rise above limits).

SYMBOL - Our logo is a marriage between water and fire. One represents life in harmony, while the other represents inextinguishable knowledge and curiosity. Together, they embody the human spirit and our ethos.

SLOGAN - We need to be willing to constantly evolve and never be satisfied with today in order to design tomorrow. Our slogan is a tribute to humanity's relentless pursuit of knowledge that pushes us all beyond.

Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion

Aztrana is for everyone.

Privacy, Security, Transparency

Aztrana's holy trinity.

All for One, One for All

Trust each other to take the lead.

Mad Resilience

The key to everything.

Don't Do Nothing

See something broken? Fix it!

Embrace Remote

Work around the world.

Redesign the Status Quo

Aztrana features a talented team from around the world. Our vision is our deepest passion and our diversity is our greatest strength. Live beyond today. Come build tomorrow.

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